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Photos from the Getty Museum Engaged observers student master class with Indian Photographer Sudharak Olwe, Photo by Gerard Burkhart<br />
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"Engaged Student Observers<br />
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	Sudharak Olwe in Los Angeles while shooting with the students.<br />
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Sudharak Olwe while shooting with the students in downtown Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Gerard Burkhart<br />
Engaged Student Observers is a collaborative project undertaken by the Education Department of the J. Paul Getty Museum and selected photography students at four Southern California colleges: College of the Canyons, East Los Angeles College, Pierce College, and Santa Monica College. The students spent a semester studying the exhibition Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the Sixties.<br />
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During the semester the students participated in a master class taught by photojournalist Sudharak Olwe, who is based in Mumbai, India. Together with his frequent collaborator Helena Schäetzle, Olwe spent two weeks with the students. He presented his own work and that of other Asian photographers, led photography exercises around Los Angeles, and critiqued student portfolios. In the end, the participating students produced their own engaged observations, photographic essays addressing pressing social and personal issues in their own lives. Each of the colleges selected a theme to focus their work: Conflict (College of the Canyons), identity (East L.A. College), labor (Pierce College), and environment (Santa Monica College) This presentation shows a sample of their accomplishments.<br />
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Faculty members from the participating colleges invested a great deal of time to prepare this program and guide their students well beyond the classroom hours. We gratefully acknowledge their dedication:<br />
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College of the Canyons--Wendy Brill-Wynkoop<br />
East Los Angeles College--Mei Valenzuela<br />
Pierce College--Jill Connelly <br />
Santa Monica College--Gerard Burkhart <br />