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Santa Monica College Associated Students president Harrison Wills talks to campus police before demonstrators rushed police during an SMC Board of Trustees meeting April 3. 2012 at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, Calif.  Around 54 protestors objecting to SMC's new two tier pay system that raises tuition on special core classes like Math and English marched  to the doors of the board room where police tried to maintain order and allow students who had arranged prior seating into the meeting. A lengthy discussion by members of the protest waffled between an orderly entry and anger that the Board had not chosen a larger venue to accommodate all. The flashpoint of confrontation occurred when ticketed students began entering and another group rushed the police at the door resulting in a pushing match between protestors and police that ended when pepper spray was used to clear the crowd. Two students were transported to hospital, five treated on scene for pepper spray irritation and many more were mildly affected including people in the boardroom. (Photo: Gerard Burkhart 818-207-0273)