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ROSAMOND,CALIFORNIA, U.S.A - SEPTEMBER 3: Go kart racing is no longer a backyard hobby, but has become a mix of intense competition coupled with high parent involvement. It is now a super octane sport that mirrors the automotive racing world with sponsors, pit crews and the occasional mechanics. The  caravans of bus-long RV's and trailers to support a single teen racer is evidence of the dollar commitment parents make in building a relationship with their sons and daughters. The pit crews and fans are all predominantly family members except for the occasional non- family mechanic in this sport that is teetering on the brink off good family fun and full-on professional racing, September 3, 2005, at Willow Springs Kart Track, Rosamond, California. Shown in photo:  mechanic Jairo Barros (in red) signals to Dylan Nobile while parents and fans watch during a main event race. (Photo by Gerard Burkhart  /Getty Images for the Wall Street Journal)....